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“As I think back to the great luck that brought me to Camp Wahoo, gratitude washes over me with a sweet aura of memory. I know of no one connected to Wahoo who does not grow sappy and nostalgic when describing the experience.”
-My Losing Season, Pat Conroy”In 1957, four coaches decided to start an all-sports camp at Miller School. Gene Corrigan, Billy McCann, Weenie Miller, and Jack Null had coaching jobs in the area. Corrigan was at Washington and Lee, McCann at Virginia, Miller was the men’s basketball coach at W&L, and Null held the same position at VMI. When they started Camp Wahoo, many found its name ridiculous. But it stuck. Camp was six weeks long. Among the sports were: basketball, horseback riding, baseball, archery, canoeing, swimming, football, and riflery.

By the winter of 1960, the coaches realized they needed two sessions – one basketball camp for boys during the month of June, and a separate, co-ed day camp in July.  Camp Wahoo Day Camp survived until 1967 – run by Gene Corrigan and James O. West. Corrigan and West took turns driving the bus that picked up the kids in Charlottesville  every morning and returned them every afternoon. Their own children were among the many they drove back and forth.

In 2001, Corrigan’s children began to think about reclaiming the Camp Wahoo name.  And now, in 2017, we offer Camp Wahoo with a new perspective but, we hope, the same reputation for good humor and fair play it has always enjoyed.

Famous Campers and Counselors at Camp Wahoo Basketball Camp

Larry Brown
Chip Connor
Pat Conroy
Artie Hammond
“Pistol” Pete Maravich
Johnny “bean bag” Minton
Johnny Moates
Debbie Ryan
Bobby Watson
Chip Miller

Famous Local Day Campers

Gene Arnette
Lyndsay Barnes
Toughy Feil
Jack Martin
Teenie Weenie, Charlie, and Danny Miller
David, Kevin, Brian, Tim, Boo Corrigan
Tish and Markey Miller
Louise and Kathy Corrigan




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