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Our Mission
Camp Wahoo’s goal is for each camper to have a joy-giving, health building, character-making experience. The program is designed to promote initiative, self-confidence, and sportsmanship. Our hope is that campers will gain a sense of purpose and fair play and a love of all things that make for a fuller life.

Activities include sports, traditional and non-traditional games, and individual challenges like archery

Supplemental sessions in: carpentry, cooking, hiking, gardening, and nutrition

A typical day at Camp Wahoo


Sports instruction: baseball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, lacrosse, soccer


shade session: fly fishing, carpentry, square foot gardening, all-in camp game, pool


camp activities: cricket, badminton tournament, talent show, canteen games and snack bar open

lights out


Wahoo’s top ten:

10. Be on time (or do the robot)

9. Listen to staff, coaches, and each other

8. Be Safe

7. Hang up wet clothes (or feel the wrath of Tony Z)

6. Two Claps

5. Respect the Grounds and Staff of Miller School

4. You’ve got talent

3. Eat your greens

2. Be a good teammate

1. Play

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