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Camp Wahoo 2017


About 13 years ago during a Thanksgiving supper, our family started talking about bringing it back.


Should we call it something else?


What would we change?


As it turns out, good humor and fair play are timeless.


And because you signed up for camp, because you accepted our premise, we created a community. You accepted our version of life: what games should look like, how to add leisure to your day (okay, this was never Tony Z’s intention), that you’d need practical skills like carpentry and gardening, and you’d want to eat the best food around. That, in life, you could build on the success of winning a talent show for holding your breath for just over two minutes. It was a place that was home spun, silly, full of original and off the cuff thought.


We’re so grateful to you, we can hardly stand to say it, but we’re closing Camp Wahoo.


For the second time.


Our Originals, Gene and Lena Corrigan, first started camp in 1957 with three other coaches. In the sunshine of their lives, they got to spend another ten years on the canteen porch. Not a bad retirement plan.


We think that the spirit of Wahoo is in you. If we gave you anything over the last ten years, we ask that as a return favor, you carry on the essence of what we are about. This means you throw the ball to the smallest player because everybody deserves a shot, it means you go ahead and try the veggie wrap with kale chips without gagging, it means you find a way to be successful on a team without being its star player, it might mean you organize badminton tournaments every Tuesday night in your neighborhood. It definitely means you play for the sake of play not to get an award—and you find a way to laugh at yourself at your very worst—and bring everyone in. Huddle up, bring everyone in.


Our family has shed many tears over this decision—because we were just foolish enough to think that our brand of fun would also be yours. And you’ve told us in so many ways that we were right. Big huge thanks for that.


We’ll keep website and email communication open. Please share stories and memories! Stay in touch and let us know what you are up to…if you need surrogate grandparents as fans, we’re there. We mean it.




Two claps and red hots for all,


Kathy, Tony, Fred and the Wahoo Staff



OVERNIGHT CAMP: Former campers $575     New Campers $625

Session 1: Sunday, June 18th – Friday, June 23rd

Ages: Rising 4th – 12th graders

Activities: All sports instruction and games. Supplemental sessions in cooking, carpentry, gardening, and nutrition.

Day Camp option available. Contact for details. 

A $150 non-refundable registration fee is due with your application; the balance is due the first day of camp.
Limited scholarships are always available; email Tony Z to make arrangements:

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